Xinalani Retreat

Mexico: Nayarit

Stay in an exclusive retreat with out of this world facilities, staff and activities. Soak up the views and the ambience at this beach side resort.

About Xinalani

10 things you should know about Xinalani

Xinalani is an eco-retreat, that means during your stay with us, you will mostly be off the beaten path. That's voluntary. Our vision says a lot about that. But what doest that mean exactly? Below 10 important things you should know before choosing Xinalani.
Our vision statement says:

Xinalani creates exclusive resorts and life-enriching experiences for active conscious travelers to enjoy healthy vacations in preserved environments and awe-inspiring architecture. We facilitate retreats that open opportunities of transformation through stress-relieving disciplines, mind-blowing adventures, and utter delight of the senses. Xinalani (she-nah-lah-knee) means seeds in ancient Mexico. Come plant the seeds of wellness.

That sounds idyllic doesnt’ it? But here is what it does not tell you…

There is no road access

You will arrive by boat. You don’t want to ride the boat at night so please fly in before 4:30pm and fly out after 11:30am.

Welcome to a remote island

Once you get to Xinalani, you’re like in a remote island. There is not much else to do except having a great time at our resort. No decent bar or restaurant nearby, no Starbucks or K-mart around. If you’re patient enough, you can catch a water taxi to downtown Puerto Vallarta (so count on a 15 minute boat ride, and a 40 minutes cab ride, or up to an hour by bus). If you manage to gather several friends that can share the cost with you, you can charter the Xinalani boat to take you directly to town (no bus needed) and pick you up at the peer when you’re done shopping and sight-seeing.

There is like a gazillion stairs

Well, not actually that many, only 176. But from the beach, up to the highest point on property (ie the Jungle Studio), there is an elevation of 215 ft. So please consider this fact if you have had knee surgery, hip replacement, a twisted ankle or if you hate butt and thighs workouts.

The wi-fi sucks

For the very reason that we’re on an island in Mexico, telecommunications are really unreliable. That can be frustrating. You shouldn’t expect to be able to check email every 5 minutes as if you were at the office. Breathe deeply and practice gratefulness when it does work.

The food is special

We really put a lot of effort in exceeding expectations when it comes to food, however you need to understand that you will be served a menu designed for yogis and active people who care about health and fitness. We focus on procuring a balanced diet that covers your caloric needs, we include eggs, fish, sea food and chicken, but no red meat. We offer vegan and gluten free options at every meal. We can assure you we will do our very best so your retreat is packed with delicious meals that respect your healthy food habits.

The staff is here to help you

Most guests tend to rave about our staff, they like the treatment they get from our waiters, frontdesk officers, and managers. We hand pick people from our neighbor community for their authentic benevolence, their work ethics, and their natural kindness. Since some of our team members are in the hospitality business for the first time, if they lack any experience, they will overcompensate with genuine care and they will happily run the extra mile so you have a great time on your retreat. Read more

It’s an Eco-Resort and everything is open air

Everything is planned for minimum environmental impact. That means low consumption of energy. For that matter, the resort is very dark at night so make sure you bring a flash light. That also means no A/C, no TV, no hot tub, no sauna, and lots of recycling. That’s good for the planet. You will practically live outdoors for a week. You will practically live outdoors for a week, so read here a list of items to bring and not to bring. When you get to your room, there is a door with a lock, but there are only three walls, that is to say the terrace is a wide opening that you cannot completely shut. You can close the curtains, but it’s still fully open air. Which means there are slight chances that you run into a wild animal during your stay. It’s part of the adventure, and they’re harmless. Not having food or drinks in your room will greatly reduce the chances of this happening though…

Sh** happens

Even though the weather is heavenly most of the time (see temperature charts here), sometimes it rains, but it’s not our fault. Sometimes your flight will be late or even cancelled and you will lose precious vacation time. Sometimes the ocean can be rougher than what you expected or the waves can be too small when you expected great surf. Sometimes, one guest will be a pain in the neck. But believe us, most of the times, you are going to have an awesomely amazing retreat.

Do activities at your own risk

We offer a wide range of mind blowing excursions such as jungle hikes, canopy zip line tours, swimming trips with wild dolphins, surf lessons, etc. Engage in those activities, have tons of fun, but please consider the risks you’re taking and make sure you can handle them. You will have to sign a waiver for most activities to release us from liabilities.

There are no refunds

Our cancellation policy is strict and explicit. We give credits in more situations, which means you can still use your pending account at Xinalani, but we are never able to return your money.