Xinalani Retreat

Mexico: Nayarit

Stay in an exclusive retreat with out of this world facilities, staff and activities. Soak up the views and the ambience at this beach side resort.


Healthy Dining in Xinalani

Healthy Dining in Xinalani is one of our best features. Our menu is specially designed for yogis. Our meals are healthy Mexican gourmet style and include fresh fish, seafood, and on occasion chicken, as part of an balanced diet, perfect to support the needs of an active adult.

Recipes for body and soul

Xinalani’s cuisine takes the folklore and tasty ingredients of the traditional Mexican recipes and integrates them with an original accent into a healthy diet specially designed for yogis. Our meals are gourmet healthy style based on locally grown produce and freshly caught fish and seafood.

Xinalani Restaurant

Always selecting the best quality of products, Xinalani's chef opens the Restaurant doors three times a day, inviting our guests to a tasteful and unique food adventure. Everyday is a delightful surprise! Take a look at our sample menu.

Xinalani Bar

Play, dance & savor life! Our delicious beverages are designed for every moment of the day. You can start your day with an espresso or a cappuccino to awaken your senses. If you want to feel more energetic try our smoothies made with fresh fruit! How about a freshly cut coconut? Simply delicious! Leave your worries behind with cold beer or hand made cocktails for an afternoon drink. Say cheers at dinner with a glass of wine or champagne! And the list goes on and on.

PP/Night from US$ 175