Youth, Family & Friends Surfcamp St. Girons

France: Landes

Spacious tent, luxury camping offered surrounded by pine forest, close to the beach with a variety of sports activities and all kinds of surf.

The campground in St. Girons is very beautiful and has direct access to the beach. The beach is less than 150m away from our surf camp. There is a swimming  pool right next to the camp, so you can cool off after breakfast or right before going to bed. Pure relaxation!

The camp - with its chill areas, surf kitchen with a community eating area, and cozy tents - is located in the middle of a shady pinewood forest.


Double Tents

Room for up to 2 people. The tents all have sleeping areas. Don’t forget your sleeping mat and flashlight!



The new, roomy Double Igloo Tents, where you can stand up in, have two separate areas and a middle area for storing luggage. The tents have space for up to 6 guests, but only 4 will stay in each. Each sleeping area has a double air mattress.


Please note: You should generally bring your own sheets, towels, silverware, and camping pots. Sheets can be rented at an additional price if necessary.

Bathroom facilities with toilets, showers, and sinks are located close to the camp ground.

PP/Night from US$ 37